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RETAIL Solution

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TargetPOS has design according every retail business needs. TargetPOS offers dynamic features and functionality. TargetPOS can be use in all kind of retail business like supermarket, groceries, footwear, pharmacies, optical shops and gift shops etc.. TargetPOS can setup as single location or multiple locations. TargetPOS support barcode and RFID devices and it has interface with all kind of POS and peripherals. It has integrated with back office module features and reports. TargetPOS can handle any kind of retail shops operations very effectively and secure.

Key Benefits
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Effort less data entry.
  • Faster and Reliable.
  • Supported with all kind of hardware (i.e., Barcode Reader, Thermal Printers, Price Checkers, Weight Machines, Cash Drawer act…)
  • Highly Secured (i.e., Field Locking Security)
  • User definable reports.
  • User definable screen formulas.
  • Integration with ERP system or third party ERP system
  • Item Master Records
  • Customer Master Records
  • Location Master Records
  • Cost Center Master Records
  • Sales Orders
  • Delivery Notes
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Returns
  • Integrated with Back Office
  • Detailed and Summary Reports
  • TargetPOS integrated with Finance , Inventory and Purchasing Modules )
Key Features
  • User Friendly Screens, Inquiry and Reports.
  • Touch Screen Item Entry Supported.
  • Smart Item Search (i.e., Search by item code, barcode, item name, item brand act…).
  • Flexible Item Price Definitions.
  • Flexible Discount Definitions.
  • Flexible Promotions Definitions.
  • Multiple Shift Supported.
  • Supported with Multiple Payment Mode.
  • Flexible Document Auto Numbering.
  • Support any Barcode Devices and Printing Devices Integrations.
  • Support Weight Machines Integrations

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