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Since 2005, TBS has been providing powerful accounting and inventory solutions that enable organizations to operate more efficiently and more profitably than ever before. Based upon decades of various industries experience, TBS has developed the most comprehensive and cost effective accounting solutions available.

Financial Management

Target Financial Module makes financial management easy and flexible by providing seamless access to data from sales, distribution and manufacturing. Intuitive drilldown capabilities allow quick and accurate data analysis. Our comprehensive accounting and general office management system conforms to all generally accepted accounting principles and supports multiple companies, profit centers, and currencies, flexible chart of accounts, general ledger features, accounts receivable features, accounts payable features, budgeting features, final reports and analysis.

Inventory Management

Target Inventory Module makes inventory management easy and flexible. It handles transfer items between locations using serial or part numbers for general moves and add, scrap or adjust items. Find item locations and quantities by item or serial number. Identify box contents with a single search. Allows for the consumption of vendor managed inventory on the shop floor. Provides a snapshot view of Real Time Production Monitoring information and allows for setting up the next job and changing the lot number. Search manufactured items into inventory as they are produced and optionally back flush raw materials as they are consumed. Enter in rejects and scrap in conjunction with the Real Time module, optionally allowing for input of regrind back to inventory.

Supply Chain / Purchasing

Target System plays a key role in supply chain management by ensuring efficient electronic communication, streamlined production, accurate labeling and distribution, and meeting the dynamic needs of customers and suppliers.

Sales & Distribution

Target sales and distribution modules allow immediate response to customer inquiries, order status, history, and tracking. Requests such as multiple shipping destinations are easily addressed. Part number cross reference, commissions, and commodities are readily obtainable and information is always available.


Target system provides a complete manufacturing and shop floor planning system with all the tools necessary to manage production across one facility or multiple plants. The system allows users to make instant decisions based on the total production picture. Optimized scheduling identifies the best start time for each job and any constraints that may affect delivery.

Human Resource

Target HR module enhances your ability to more fully handle your most important assets: your employees. It provides all the tools necessary to manage human resource activities including recruiting, benefits, training and injury/illness tracking. Employee performance, skill development, job postings and resumes are all easily accessed through the Target HR module. The HR module is more than just a listing of employees. Users can customize skill sets, training levels and job descriptions. Employee benefits and other human resources information is easily accessible. Applicant names and contact information can be added without affecting current employee listings. Attach resumes, references and offer correspondence and easily convert applicants to full-time employees with a click of the mouse.

Target Payroll module is a complete payroll processing system, which allows you to enter time card hours or link to the Time & Attendance module for automatic data upload; add, edit and review pre-posted payroll details; print checks; process direct deposit output files and post final payroll, all from one easy module. The Payroll module supports multiple companies and sites, unlimited employees, pay types and pay groups, deduction dues and benefit options like accrual tracking.

Fixed Assets

Target Fixed Assets manager provides detailed asset tracking including accumulated depreciation and gain/loss detail, properly accounting for each asset during ownership and at disposal. Knowing exactly what you have could save you thousands or even millions of amounts in taxes and insurance costs. It includes depreciation calculations, customizable fields, multiple book options and more — offering you the functionality of third-party spreadsheets without the third party. As an added benefit, physical inventory of assets can be completed using handheld scanning to provide a seamless system for all your property tracking.

Project Accounting and Job Cost

Project Accounting provides a fast, flexible budgeting and cost accounting tool for project and job cost management. It lets you test, analyze, and adjust budgets before final decisions are made. The program provides detailed reports of all job-related costs so you can monitor a job’s progress and budget for future projects. The Job Cost module is a fast, flexible accounting tool for project and job cost management. Use Job Cost to evaluate your operations and improve efficiency in everyday work activities. With Job Cost, you can monitor labor, material, and indirect costs associated with a job or project to ensure profitability. This module’s versatility meets the needs of diverse job-oriented businesses, including made-to-order manufacturing, engineering, architectural, construction, and service/repair companies.


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