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 Real Estate Management Solution in kuwait, real estate software in kuwait

Target Real Estate Management Solution (TargetREM) has designed to handle today’s dynamic business requiring real time information of companies having Apartments, Villas, Shopping Complexes, etc. The system allows to create various types of contracts and keep track of income and expenses incurred on each building and analyze profitability.

Key Benefits
  • It makes easy to process your rent collection.
  • It makes easy to monitor and track contracts.
  • It makes your payments process more easy.
  • It makes easy to tracks for your unpaid or non-used units.
  • It makes easy to tracks your legal cases with your tenants.
  • It provides powerful dashboard and management reports.
  • It provides automatic alerts and messaging features.
  • It provides better integration between departments.
  • It gives complete information from a single system.
  • It save implementation and maintenance cost.
Key Features
  • Contract Management : This module helps to create different kind of contracts with your tenants and suppliers. This modules gives you complete flexibility to monitor, track and communicate with your tenants and supplier.
  • Rent Processing : This module provides the flexibility to process your rent demands and auto processing of your rent bills and payments.
  • Contract Templates : This module provides the flexibility to maintain different kind of contract print templates in the system.
  • Advanced Searches : This module provides an advanced search facilities to search contracts, payments, cases, ect...
  • Building Cost Analysis : This module provides the flexibility for plan and estimate building cost and provides the comparative analysis for existing building revenues and expenses.

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