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As the need to cut costs increases, the necessity of having more efficient management of labor resources and more accurate labor reporting has increased. The TargetTAS Time & Attendance module is a powerful time clock system that collects labor data for both Payroll and Job Costing. It provides analysis and reporting tools and is directly linked to the TargetERP Payroll, Financial, Production, Preventative Maintenance, Project Manager and Shop Floor modules to provide a complete time, attendance and labor tracking system. Employee hours can be monitored through computer-based time clocks, barcoded name badges, biometric scanners or through links to the TargetERP ShopFloor module. The Time & Attendance module streamlines labor tracking and reporting, automates employee shift scheduling and improves job costing. All these attributes contribute to an efficient and profitable organization.

Key Benefits

  • Improve job cost analysis by tracking Production, Project and Preventative Maintenance activity
  • Identify labor-intensive processes as well as those that are more efficient
  • Improve labor management through comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Increase work productivity visibility
  • Enhance payroll accuracy, whether using Target Payroll or exporting to a third-party system
  • Simplify shift and employee management

Payroll & Job Costing Time Clocks - Supports time clock systems for both Payroll and Job Cost tracking. Each system allows review and adjustment of clock data (with audit trail capability) prior to posting time clock information.

Time Clock Log In/Out - Unlimited computer-based time clocks with easy and simple screens makes logging in and out fast and accurate. Supports any serial devices for log in purposes (keyboard, “swipe” readers, biometric scanners).

Job Cost Tracking - Users can log directly into work orders. Time & Attendance logs all activity and displays the data for easy editing and approval. It also supports an employee logging into one or multiple jobs simultaneously.

Link to Target Payroll or Export to Third-Party Payroll System - Data gathered via the time clocks can be reviewed, verified and sent directly to the Target Payroll module or exported to third-party payroll systems.

Extensive Pay Rules - Create a custom set of pay rules including pay types, tax exemptions, pay formulas, time rounding options, overtime rules and more.

Visual Scheduling with Flexible Shift Definition - Create standard and unique shifts (including start, end and break times) and set over standard work weeks, weekends and other special times. Employees can be assigned to any shift.

Employee Absence Calendar - Enter pre-planned absences such as vacation or holidays and information is pulled automatically into the employees’ time cards during preparation of payroll data.

Incentive Pay Support - This module is used to evaluate attendance against scheduled shifts and provide a detailed analysis of employee attendance exceptions (i.e. logging in late or too early) for better attendance monitoring.

Attendance Violations - Allows application of a user defined set of rules to assign `points` for each occurrence of absenteeism and tardiness. Point systems typically are used for determining penalties for attendance violations.

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