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ERP Software-as-a-Service / (SaaS) by Target business Solutions, Access your ERP from anywhere from any devices.

Target ERP Applications on Application Server is the most powerful tool for seamless Virtual  Application delivery.  Easy to access the ERP modules on any OS platforms, Zero maintenance on client PC, Only you need is to have power network connectivity(LAN, WAN, Wifi ) . Remotely manage your system processes, you can deploy this solution on your remote project sites, you can even deploy your Target ERP to your remote team away from your corporate offices team they can access your centralized ERP from any of their device based on any platform Android / IOS phones  / MAC / PC / LINUX . service can be incorporated to your existing installations of TARGET ERP products too.

Easily manage and configure your users, Centralize remote access to secure your data and reduce risks. Remove bottlenecks, Monitor users and servers from a central location. Manage your resources within your ERP solutions will enhance the productivity of your employees, boost your organization’s productivity and maximize your ROI (Return On Investment). TARGET Application Server delivers applications to any user, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device in use.

Deploy applications with a rich and high-performance experience on any device. Sync files and applications across all your devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Transform any device into a full workstation with printing and scanning capability. You can print your report to your local printer.

Comprehensive security

Centralize and protect your data with a double layer of security. Protect your assets from loss and leakage to meet compliance and risk management policies. All clients connect using SSL secure layer hence the data is 100% safe on the private network even though you will be accessing through your internet.

Get Your Management Reports on your TAB / Mobile

Target Business solutions offering all its products on cloud platform, you can avail subscription based cloud service from Target Business Solutions, Target using the latest technology offers you OS independent software services, you can work from any device or any operating system from anywhere in the world. Major advantage include saving on hardware & support manpower cost this is a huge savings for Enterprises. This makes it an adoptable service for our clients. we offer all modules on cloud including , Accounting / finance, Trading, Inventory, CRM, HRM, and other solutions for domains like Real estate, Logistics, Schools, Trading / Retail business, Contracting etc.

  • Technology Benefits

  • Use of a thin client to access a software application over the Internet/intranet) reduce hardware cost.

  • Reduce monitoring / support cost

  • Access application from anywhere in the world

  • Secure data transfer over SSL

  • Platform Independent & Device Independent solution

  • Can create Internal hosting & External Hosting

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